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5 definitions by s33d

This means to smack furiously with an inanimate object. This word is usually used in the infinitive form as in 'to sfazir'.
I am going to sfazir you with a large wet noodle.
by S33D March 03, 2005
shorthand for 'shut up' used in a derogatory fashion to tell n00bs off or as a general 'shut your face' remark
shupt you n00b
by s33d March 28, 2003
v. to do really well in or be at the top of a certain activity (also whoring)
you have whored the stats today!
by s33d March 28, 2003
he is the one, the only, the great member of plasma, computer h4x0r and a d00d
i am s33d
by s33d January 28, 2003
see 'whored'
you are whoring the stats
by s33d March 28, 2003