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A serious deformation of the stomach and penis of a man. it is when your stomach sticks out farther than your dick do.
"look at Joe, he has major dick-do disease, lol"
by s.r.c.m October 07, 2009
A kind of tape used in drafting that is not very sticky and sucks for taping anything. it is is only good for whipping at dumb freshmen in class
chaz threw the low-tac at lucas
by s.r.c.m October 07, 2009
When you are sitting in class and you get a random boner and the bell rings so you don't know what to do so you turn around so nobody can see and quickly tuck your boner up under your belt and pull your shirt down over it and run out of the classroom.
i had to tuck n' run last period haha.
by s.r.c.m October 07, 2009
When something a jew really wants to buy but when he sees the price he freaks out and goes into cardiac arrest and dies.
chaz had jewish tourettes when he saw that the bread went up 50 cents.
by s.r.c.m October 12, 2009
1. the act of licking a Jew's asshole who is particularity hairy. pull some ass hairs out with your tongue and put them in a little pile. Jizz on the hairs and paste them to you or your friend's face with the jizz.

2. A jerp who is being annoying or being a dick to others.
1. I gave Chaz the jewish asshole last night

2. joe is a jewish asshole
by s.r.c.m October 07, 2009
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