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when a females vagina has large, meaty flaps. usually in a roast beef kind of color. see "beef curtains", "t bone flaps." simular to a second rate fast food chain's large roast beef sandwhich.
"yo, i was with this girl last night.. she had a double serving of the big montana"
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
to be close to the best but not the best. to almost be good but just be right below good. a reference to mondavi wines. even though they are not the best they always are sure to please.
"how you been today..?"
"man, i all robert mondavi."
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
to exclaim to another to stop touching in a wrestling uncle, or over friendly scout master kind of way. to immediately cease physical contact after a light groping.
"heeeey man how you doing today" (as the speaker caresses the listener's shoulders or other sections of their "person")

by s rudiman September 02, 2005
the small area between your asshole and your genitalia. also "paenus" or "vainus" or see also "taint". all refer to said section of no mans land between front and back doors (or pole). or used as a derrogitory name for someone familiar.
"OOOOOOW! goddamn that hurt! "
"he kicked me right in the dingus!"

"common dingus! hurry up we gotta go!"
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
a stupid person, aka "dingus", "douchebag", or just plain old "fool"
"hey momo, knock the shit off or im gonna slap you."
by s rudiman September 02, 2005

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