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What Bush was looking for when he invaded Iraq, truly a high performance weapon of mass destruction. This lil' beauty is an authentic Russian made AK-47, but has been made to shoot 12-gauge shotgun shells instead...6 of them as fast as you can pull the trigger! Manufactured by Saiga. See also "street sweeper"
Private: Sir, requesting permission to speak, sir.
Captain: Permission granted private.
Private: Sir, our latest intelligence report indicates that there are more than 60,000 troops headed our direction. They are armed with fully automatic weapons and RPGs. There are also 50 Bradley tanks with them. I am sure you are well aware that we have sustained heavy casualties in the past two weeks and morale is at an all time low. Further more, our support is more than 12 days away.
Captain: Private, I give you a direct order to send up multiple flares so that the enemy can pinpoint our exact location.
Private: Sir, are you fuckin' nuts?
Captain: We have one AK-12 private, we are about to take those gheymos for a Polish bike ride that they will never forget!
by ruthless November 16, 2004
See Tennessee Top Hat
Betty Sue: Momma, do you really think Bobby Joe luvs Mary Lue?
Momma: I had my doubts at first when he pulled up to the weddin' in a limo instead of on a John Deere like every other man in this family has done fur years, but when he stepped out with that newly shorn Kentucky Waterfall, I done knew that honkey's luv was true!
by ruthless November 17, 2004
Another word for a mullet, a long under rated hair style that truly exudes power, respect, and most importantly, dignity.
If George W. had a Tennessee top hat, we would not be in the situation we are in now...Osama would have turned himself in years ago out of sheer respect for the mad mullet W. was sportin'!
by ruthless November 17, 2004
Originated in New Jersey, but rapidly went global when the rest of the world felt its sting. Involves coaxing your male friend into mooning someone/somebody. When he drops his britches, you pull out a metal ruler or yard stick and slap the hell out of the back of his wedding tackle. Very painful and unless your friends are complete morons, they will only fall for this all time party favorite once.
Ryan: Hey yo Chris, moon that bus of nuns over there!
Chris: YEAH! (spoken Lil' Jon style)
Chris drops trow and reveals his shockingly white ass as Ryan discreetly pulls out a metal ruler.
There is a smack heard round the world as Chris's now black n' blue ball sack flies forward hitting him in the face.
Chris: Do that again you gheymo and I'll lite your face on fire and put it out with an ice pick!
by ruthless January 31, 2005
one gay loser from san fran that loves pancaking and is a sucker for a good glass bottom boat ride. this gheymo has absolutely no class and gets all his clothes at walmart. he is so unoriginal, he had to go to urban dictionary.com to come up with his lame rapping name of ruthless rob. this guys rhymes flow like dried cement and he gets all the groupies that nobody wants. his moms meat curtains smell like hot garbage and they resemble a well broken in catchers mit. her doggie style blows and her poor toothie blow jobs are lacking. what a bitch. and his kids look like a southern alabama inbreeding experiment gone bad. and you know he still lives at home with mom.
a new believer: i saw that ruthless rob concert last night! it was lame as hell. n'sync was cooler than that 5'2" 100lb. bitch.
by ruthless February 27, 2005
A grad. student at UGA who is head over heels for the most beautiful girl in the world.
Tom: Dude, that guy just cleaned that girl's house, bought her flowers, gave her a massage, and cooked her a three course meal!
Tim: Thats Rhyano for ya!
by ruthless January 31, 2005
This lil' gem originated in Watkinsville, Georgia in the year 2004. It is in reference to high power 12-gauge shotgun shells. They are easily recognized by the fact that the brass travels a good way up the shell, more brass equals more power, which equals more fun! Ideal for use in an AK-12.
Ryan: Jesus fucking Christ man. I feel like a horse just kicked me in the shoulder!
Drew: Well, when your letting high brass rounds slip out the AK-12, what do you expect?
by ruthless March 07, 2005

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