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"Justice is something found only in a dictonary", says the 19th century's unrepentant and articulate outlaw
Jack Black.
(autobiography "You Can't Win", 1926)
Example: Everywhere you look.
by rulin May 29, 2005
a briefcase of money and a briefcase of drugs.
When I move out of a place I only take the necessary items.
by rulin May 29, 2005
the shake from green weed after manicuring the buds.
That larf will make some righteous green butter.
by rulin May 29, 2005
Is the word "Capitalism" as heard when speaking with the flesh of the savior in your mouth.
Mmmm, that is saviory.
by rulin May 29, 2005
"George" from geôrgos -> farmer, a compound of gç -> earth + ergein -> to work; and "Bush" - now, ya all know what bush is.
The literal translation is "farmer's daughter"
F%#k that George Bush.
by rulin May 29, 2005
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