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3 definitions by rubberchicken8

A word made of Spanish slang, derived mainly from the word chula. A lil' sexy mama, a lady who has the looks that catches the eye. Petite with a provocative style.
My chulita treats me like a king!
by rubberchicken8 April 25, 2007
Conglomeration of slang Spanish known as Tex-Mex. A woman who a man can confide in. A woman to side with him anytime day or night. A confidant. Most often this word represents that of a good wife. But it can be used even if the trustworthy lady and fellow are not joined by marriage.

2. a gangsta hot Mexican mama not afraid to represent her familia
My concheta dressed up to serve me an awesome meal and talk about her interesting day.
Ayyyy, this concheta ain't gonna be putting up with that nonsense fool!
by rubberchicken8 April 25, 2007
Pronounced (sôspé)

A slang term derived from Tex-Mex dialogue.
Meaning something is suspicious, wary or untrustworthy.
Look at that sospe character lingering around the lobby.

Juan asked me for 5 bucks, he said it wasn't for drugs, but he had a sospe look about him.
by rubberchicken8 February 05, 2012