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Acronym that stands for Sand In Vagina Syndrome. It is a condition that affects those unwilling to participate in a social event or are scared to do something dangerous.
Rob: Hey James you want to go party tonight?
James: No. Don't really feel like it.
Rob: Oh, your S.I.V.S acting up again?
by rtadlock August 26, 2009
Someone who goes to retarded lengths to be ergonomic. This may include, but not be limited to, the use of special mice, an elevated monitor, a wedge to rest feet on, a chair that contorts the body in to an odd position, a special keyboard, and any number of modifications to ones desk.
Kev: Dude have you checked out Wolf's office?
Rob: Yeah dude's sitting on a ball and everything.
Kev: He's a total ergotard.
by rtadlock August 27, 2009
To start a misadventure with a group of friends and get everyone hyped up and act like you are along for the ride, but at the last second quietly leave the group/situation/room and let your friends take all the heat for what everyone (including you) has been part of.

This phrase comes from the automotive industry crisis of 2008 when the "Big 3" American car companies (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) where in financial trouble and looked to the government for a bailout. Initially it was believed by the American public that all three car makers would be getting hand outs, but soon after talks started concerning Americans forking over hard earned tax money to foot the bill of these privately owned companies, it became apparent to Ford that nothing but bad press was going to come from a bailout. So they silently withdrew them selfs from bailout talk, and instead "secured a line of credit in case they require a bridging loan in the near future". This left Chrysler and General Motors to take all the bad press from the American public and led to the phrase "to pull a Ford".
James: You guys get crazy last night?

Rob: Yeah we got drunk as hell and started a riot. The cops came and we all got busted. Except Jeremiah, he was no where to be found after the riot broke out.

James: Man, he totally pulled a Ford on your asses.
by rtadlock September 24, 2009
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