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Brazilian portuguese vulgar word for orgy. Also used to describe a mess.
Sex party involving many partners.

He went for a suruba last night.
The party was a suruba. suruba meaning mess or orgy
by rrutia October 20, 2006
mix between and indian + black person = cafuso

The skin color is usually darker than a mulato (mix betwwen white and black).
That frigging cafuso stole my girl.

by rrutia September 22, 2008
mix between an Indian + white = mameluco

Mameluco was used to refer to organized bands of Portuguese slave-hunters, also known as bandeirantes, who roamed the interior of South America from the Atlantic to the foothills of the Andes, and from Paraguay to the Orinoco river, invading Guarani-occupied areas in search of slaves.

more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mameluco
That frigging mameluco stole my girl.

by rrutia September 22, 2008
vulgar word used to define a Drag queen (often gay people)
Aquela mulher parece um traveco !
That woman looks like a drag queen!
by rrutia July 13, 2006
FirePass is a security SSL VPN concetrator device.
I use the FirePass to work from home.
I use the FirePass by typing the URL in my browser.
The FirePass keeps my connection from home to work secure.
SSL-VPN is better and easier than IPSEC VPN.
by rrutia August 19, 2009
Brazilian portuguese word to describe Circle shape.

Also used to decribe a jerk from Redondo
-> Redondo Jerk !!
The ball is "redondo" (circle shape).
A bola é redonda
by rrutia May 22, 2006

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