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Pronounced reen.

An expression that describes the posession of both mental and physical prowise in high abundance.

Haughty or unattainable status.

A godlike example of perfection.
He didn't just do it, he did it to the rene.
by rpetras February 22, 2008

To fight off sleep for no good reason when tired.

The baby was very tired but continued to krista sleep for an hour.
by rpetras April 20, 2008


Something that is insanely irresistible.
I can't pass up a donut, they are my chocolate covered coconut crack!
by rpetras April 29, 2008
Walking behind or standing near a smoker in order to breathe their smoke.
Jen, you're supposed to have quit, stop second hand smoking.
by rpetras July 22, 2008

Big Fake Tits.

An abbreviation for an obviously augmented set of ta-tas.
Woah! Last week she was flat now those honkers are ginormous. I bet she got a set of BFTs.
by rpetras May 04, 2008
1. A thing or situation that is unimportant, but when it is performed incorrectly, it is disturbing to the viewer.

2. Doing something the wrong way, when there is no right or wrong way.

Comes from resting a hamburger on a bun upsidedown after taking a bite.
Hanging the toilet paper the wrong way is like an upsidedown sandwich to Bill.
by rpetras May 14, 2008

Refering to a person of large physical stature, or strength.

To pull off the name "Fuck", you've gotta be tough.

If you're a mountain man, your double tough.
Dude, you're so tough they should name you Fuck of the Mountain.
by rpetras April 27, 2008

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