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Mi-24 Hind

The Mi-24 Hind put the Soviets in the competition with the US for best helicopter. The Hind could very easily outclass the UH-60 Black Hawk. More than 1000 were produced. The Hind was first introduced a bit before 1972. It was a lethal anti-tank helicopter. It came in six varieties: A, B, C, D, E, and F. A was a heavy duty tank killer armed with Spiral pod AT ASMs, B was a lighter version of A, C had a flex MG turret on the nose, D had a redesigned fuselage, E is still unknown, and F carried six AT ASMs and was used primarily in East Germany.

Type: attack helicopter
Armament: 12.7mm gun, Spiral pod AT ASMs, TOW missiles, and random bombs and missiles on the other four rails for each wing.
Dimensions: span 17m; length 17m; height 4.25m
Payload: around 5000kg
Speed: 275 km/h
Range: unknown
Ceiling: higher than Mi-8
Note: a lot of statistics are estimated as the Mi-24 is still in use and details have not been released
The Mi-24 flies for the Russian Air Force.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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C-130 Hercules

The C-130 is a US vehicle transport plane. It is amphibious. It was tested in 1954. It could serve thirteen different roles and has fifty-one variants. All the C-130 variants can perform tactical airlifts and humanitarian relief, eight are aerial tankers, three are commanding aircrafts, one is a maritime patrol aircraft, two fly special operations, six are search and rescue, two are VIP transports, one flies reconnaissance missions, one is an airborne hospital, four fly support to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, three control unmanned aircraft, three cover electronic warfare, three are responsible for space and missile operations, six are for test and evaluation purposes, and five are gunships. The AC-130J is one of the most lethal planes in existence, and the C-130J is one of the best mobile hospitals, the RC-130J is one of the best recon planes out there, and the EC-130J is one of the best aerial command and control posts that ever flew.

Type: multipurpose plane
Dimensions: span 40.4m; length 34.37m; height 10.1m
Payload: 19500kg
Speed: 625km/h
Range: 5100km
Ceiling: 10668m
The C-130 Herculese is a wonderful airplane.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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The BTR-152 is a Soviet APC. It was introduced in 1950. The roof has hatches to allow passengers to fire down onto outside enemies from atop the vehicle. It offers four and six wheel drive. It has been used in a number of countries.

Type: APC
Armament: 7.62 machine gun
Dimensions: length 6.55m; width 2.32m; height 2.41m
Payload: 2222kg
Speed: 65km/h
Range: 650km
Armor: 14mm
The BTR-152 is an armored personnel carrier.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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Mi-17 HIP H

The Mi-8 HIP is a multipurpose helicopter that can be used as a troop carrier, cargo, or attack helicopter. The first Mi-8 flew in January of 1960. The Mi-8 HIP was made by Mil Moscow. The Mi-8 HIP comes in eight variations: HIP C the standard assault / carrier, HIP D the communications, HIP E the modified assault, HIP H (mi-17) the carrier, HIP J the jammer, HIP K the modified jammer, HIP G (Mi-9) the airborne command, and the Mi-14 the naval version. The Mi-17 HIP H is a transport helicopter. The HIP H is characterized by 5 main rotor-blades, a starboard triple-bladed tail rotor, twin turboshaft engines, and tricycle landing gears. The HIP H’s engines are special because one engine can die and the other will automatically increase output. At least 22 countries still fly the Mi-17 HIP H.

Type: transport helicopter
Arament: two 7.62mm machineguns, 12.7mm machinegun pod, twin 23mm gun pod, 250kg bombs, 500 kg bombs, AT-2C SWATTER
Payload: 4,000kg
Dimensions: length 25.4m; rotor diameter 21.3m
Sensors: none
Speed: 250km/h
Ceiling: 5700m
Range: (with aux fuel) 1065km
Vertical Climb: 9m/s
The Mi-17 flew in Vietnam.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious troop carrier. It was introduced in 1967. It was armed with a bore gun and AT-3 Sagger. It could seat eight passengers in addition to the three crew members. The passengers could fire out of small holes about large enough for the muzzle of an AZ47 while inside the BMP-1 through small holes on the sides.

Type: amphibious APC
Dimensions: length 6750mm; width 2920mm; height 1470mm
Speed: land 55km/h; water 8 km/h
Range: 500 km
Weapons: 73mm smooth-bore gun with 40 rounds, AT03 Sagger ATGW launcher, 7.62PKT (co-axial) with 1000 rounds
The BMP-1 drove across the Siberian snow to reach Markovo, a remote town in the Russian state, Kamchatke.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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SAM System SA-7b Grail
The SAM System SA-7b Grail is a Russian self-propelled AA rocket system. The SA-7b Grail was introduced in 1972. It launches on a 9P54M launcher. It can carry around 4 SAM missiles. These missiles are “tail-chasers”, heat-seeking and pretty resistant to IR emissions and flare decoys. The gunner can be fitted with an IFF identifier that allows him to know whether his target is friend or foe.

Type: stationary SAM system
Weapon: 9M32M missile
Missile Range: 5500m
Missile Ceiling: 4500m
Missile Dimensions: length 1.4m; diameter 70mm
Missile Speed: 580m/s
Missile Self Destruct: 15sec
Dimensions: length 1.47m; diameter 70mm
The SA-7 is a portable anti-air missile launcher.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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Antonov An-22

The Antonov An-22 was developed by Oleg Antonov. It first flew in February of 1965. It could fly at six hundred seventy-nine kilometers per hour and for ten thousand nine hundred fifty kilometers with a forty-five thousand kilogram payload. It could carry as much as a one hundred thirty-six thousand kilogram payload. The An-22 is the third largest plane in the world, beaten only by the 747 and the C-5A. The An-22 delivered almost all of the war supplies from Cuba and Angola to the ground forces in Africa during the Angolan War. The nose features two large radars that aid the pilot with navigations, mapping, weather, and airdropping.

Type: troop carrier
Dimensions: length 57.8m; wingspan 64.4m; height 12.53m
Speed: 679km/h
Range: 10950km
Payload: 80000kg
The An-22 is dropping paratroopers over Saigon.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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