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Wave phenomenon of traffic compression and decompression, the degree of which varies in relation to the proximilty of a traffic cop, caused by motorists uniformly slowing upon approaching the police and gradually speeding up the further they go after passing.
Joe knew that even though cars were crawling along right at the speed limit, it wasn't just traffic. A few quick glances confirmed it was merely coppler effect, as the radar gun was clearly visible protruding from the patrol car. It was only a matter of minutes before everyone would again be cruising at 75 mph.
by rossirossi September 18, 2011
A recruiter for talent in technical fields. Especially an overly attractive and savvy person who stands out from their clientele.
If someone in the software programming user group is too good looking, chances are they're a nerd wrangler.
by rossirossi August 24, 2010

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