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Asking someone how they are in ghetto slang (are you alright?)
"Y'aight?" "yea Y'aight?"
by Rose November 11, 2003
the morbid fear of men
Casey had androphobia
by Rose October 27, 2003
As in or of saying the term relating to the word "Oh!", as in surprise or astonishment.
Person 1: "I got a new car today!"
Person 2: "OACH!!"
by Rose March 14, 2005
Means to have sexaul contact with someone like to get your groove on
I shhwerved him last night.
She blocked my shhwerv
by Rose July 24, 2004
a page where most teenage girls make you sick with their exclamations
you are not your fucken xanga page
by rose January 15, 2004
a hoe, a slut, a bitch
Man, dat gurl's a swaglah, me and my boys fucked ha las night.
by Rose November 18, 2004
A devilishly cool Volkswagen campervan (the older the better, preferably orange). Named,unfortunatley after a hideously ugly ginger he/she. Who is rubbish at skating, does NOT "scrub up well" and is rather up-herself (with no reason)!
Also available-the MINI stubird
On seeing a rather splendid example of a clapped-out old Volkswagen campervan;

"Wow, what an awesome stubird!"
by Rose January 29, 2004

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