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people who have more fun in A lunch then tell all the B lunch people about it
The stupid A lunch people are having so much more fun.
by Rose November 17, 2004
a stareo type usually refering to being anoying and a ditz . which people call blondes ( like me) ditz becaouse therer jelous that they have to die there hair that color rather than getting it natually
its not my fault my hair is blodne , so dont think im a ditz
by Rose July 01, 2003
music categorized as to shock parents.

listeners are usually pre-teens to teens that thing themselves as goth but are not.

also nu-metal

a class of shock-rockers that has "taken" the goth look and made it trendy
marilyn manson, slipknot, murderdolls, korn
by Rose January 20, 2004
grawr is a word made up one day when i became really angry.
its is "rawr" with some oomph.
"GRAWR! That test was really hard"
by Rose January 19, 2005
white girl who lives in ithaca and says and does stupid ass stuff
haha she pulled a saoirse
by Rose March 04, 2005
A gorgeous, former member of the Japanese band Malice Mizer. He sadly became former when he committed suicide. (WHY!)
Klaha is so gorgeous! (and was in the best band!)
by Rose April 30, 2004
It's me innit.andnowihavetohaveatleast20 lettersandthreewords butwordscantbemorethan50letters. suckage innit.
um, this kid that rocks. and is big headed yuhhu
by rose April 11, 2005
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