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A word meaning "Cool", "Great", "Super", "So Cool". Must be used with an exclamation mark.
"I got the job"
by Rose December 28, 2004
tha police. people that are very gay. Slang rocks at them
mayne we was runnin and slangin rocks at tha po's.
by Rose September 20, 2003
Down the street accross tha trax at tha wreckhouse
you havent heard bout that yet? ive heard bout that down tha street at tha wreckhouse
by Rose September 20, 2003
A world known dragon for burninating the villagers.
Trogdor burninated down my house
by Rose May 01, 2003
A very cute, wonderful, brunette, 5'2" hottie that has a retarded sister named shannon and a loser brother named dennis (both of which have no life)
Every girl wants to be Kayla Roden, and every guy wants to go out with her!
by Rose April 25, 2005
(n) A derogatory term for a derelict, homeless person, or bum. A dirty, dirty, stinking hobo.
1. There's lots of cracktard criggers around downtown Dallas.

2. Tony is the biggest crigger I have ever seen. Seriously.
by Rose March 21, 2005
one of the best parts of the male anatomy
Dilly has an exceptionally large but nice ass
by rose May 06, 2005

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