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In prison a punk pussy is what inmates call other inmates who will let you butt fuck them for something.
That dude is a real punk pussy, he let three motherfuckers fuck him in the ass just so he could get some free commissary.
by ronmetrx2 June 19, 2011
"Poppin' the most" means that you are the most crazy motherfucker in prison. And other inmates make way for you or you will kick their fuckin' ass.
Damn, dude is poppin' the most, he fucked up two motherfuckers in the day room and nobody said shit.
by ronmetrx2 June 19, 2011
Day room is where inmates in prison go to watch TV. There are fights over who controls changing the channels.
Shit! I was watchin' TV in the day room and two motherfuckers started fighting over whether we'd watch Wheel of Fortune or Hollywood Squares!
by ronmetrx2 June 19, 2011
In prison, inmates call other inmates in protective custody or ad seg, PC punks because they can't hang in the general prison population (mainline).
That motherfucker is a real PC punk, I heard him snitching to one of the guards.
by ronmetrx2 June 23, 2011
means "that is correct", commonly used in prison
Motherfuckah is a punk bitch! There it is there!
by ronmetrx2 July 04, 2011

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