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We work hard and we party even harder. Varsity soccer games and spirit weeks are highlights of the year. A place where Big Riggs and Freddy P are legends. We love the Mexican roofers and creepy custodians equally, and everyone knows to steer clear of Ray Ray (no not Lewis). A place where we are proud of our football (even when they don't win a game all season) and powerderpuff is taken seriosly. We love our emos, our theater kids, those over sexed band kids, our asshole soccerboys, our fashionably ghetto girls, our stoners, our snobby preps and our skaters alike. We love a good girl fight and hate to miss one of Engel's life lessons. We get our transcipts sent to the wrong colleges, but we always get it straightened out. Yes, we go tanning and no, we are not ashamed. We have parties the second our parents walk out the door and head to oc for senior week. So when you ride down Wise Avenue, be sure to park on the street, put on a pink polo, pop your color, grab your books,and roll a j because you've reached a badass school with crazy patriot pride. If you're lucky, they'll be serving holiday meal.
oh yea, we are located in dundalk yup yup!
by ronjon May 06, 2005

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