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the most evil, bloddy, cursed and short plays ever written by Shakespeare. In the story, Lord MacBeth meets up with three witches who say he's going to be king of scotland. MacBeth decides to speed the process up a bit and kills the king of Scotland, King Duncan. As king he starts killing off anyone he fears until Duncan's son, Malcolm, and lord MacDuff form in army in England to overthrow MacBeth. In the end Malcolm becomes king, MacBeth's wife goes insane and kills herself and McDuff shows up on stage with MacBeth's head. The big thing is that the play is cursed and it's bad luck to say it in a theatre. Those who believe in the curse refer to it as "The Scottish Play".
All hail MacBeth, king of Scotland!
by Ron_Thornbrash May 23, 2005
The car form the "Duke's of Hazard" TV show. It's a 1969, Dodger charger with altered engine, the number 01 on painted on the sides and the doors welded shut like a typical racing car. It was named after general Robert E. Lee, commanding general of the main Confederate Army during the Civil War. His army was based out of Virgina due to it'd large population. This would account for the car's Rebel Flag paint job and it's horn that played the first few notes of "Dixie". The car's main purpose was to drive really fast and do a lot of sweet jumps while the duke boys hooted and hallered.
Let's watch the general Lee jump another dip
by Ron_Thornbrash May 21, 2005
The most politcally incorrect show tune ever. The whole basis comes from the miscal "The Producers" by Mel Brooks. the Plot is that two play producers try to make a Broadway flop so they can collect on all the sponsorship money. The produce the play "Springtime for Hitler" and the play turns out to be a hit.
Springtime for Hitler, a gay romp with Adolf and Eva.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
A form of journalism invented by Hunter S. Thompson. It involves the reporter reporting the action as he/she is in it. Elements are part experience and part fiction. The best example of Gonzo journalism is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It was a book from 1971 made into a Johnny Depp movie in 1998.
From fisrt glance, I knew immedialtely that this God-forshaken rest stop was no place for a Gonzo journalist.
by Ron_Thornbrash June 08, 2005
The style of music in musicals. They can range from really freakin' annoying to wonderfully witty. They are used to convey an emotion in the character, continue the story of the play, create irony, or jsut about anything the writer wants.
The most un-PC show tune ever was "Springtime for Hitler".
by Ron_Thornbrash May 22, 2005
A character from a famous Stanley Kubrik film of the 1964 that mocked the leaders of the Cold War on both sides. The full title is "Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb." The title character was played by Peter Seller as was many of the characers in the movie. he was a crippled German scientist in the war room who had difficulty staying and his wheel chair and had on one black glove that he did not have complete control of.

The central plot was a general went crazy after, in the act of sex, came and freaked drawing the conclusion that the Russians were poisoning the water. he set the command for bombing the USSR and a B-52 manned by a guy named Slim Pickens sets off to drop the nuke in the plane.
Dude: have you seen Dr. Strangelove?"
Ron: Yeah, everyone was high when the made it.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 21, 2005
A phrase tapped onto a noun giving the object in question more significance, or importance. The object in question does not need to be relatively big or old.
It originated in the south and has spread throughout the US.
That F-150 was a big ol' truck, I like it.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 21, 2005
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