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A shorter way to say tits and ass.
I can never get enough of t&a!
by Ron Jeremy September 11, 2003
Giving oral sex to a man (giving head).
That girl gives brain.
by Ron Jeremy December 21, 2004
A piece of shit liberal corperation that wants to brainwash the world. They promote shitty music, stupid whores, and also faggotry.
"Hey dude MTV says you aren't cool because you don't like the cock."
by Ron Jeremy October 09, 2004
slur; A derogatory remark towards a person (usually a n00b) generally used when no other word seems to completely describe the objective's sheer ignorance of a subject.
It is thought to have originated in IRC, specifically being used by the user named "LoNeR".
<n00b> I have been trying to find warez to download. Can anybody help me out?
<LoNeR> No, DIMBLECUNT! Why don't you try contacting somebody at www.cia.gov and aske them.
by Ron Jeremy January 07, 2005
Slang that orginated from the show "Batman Beyond" to mean exhausted.
Fuck all this homework man I'm slagged
by Ron Jeremy October 09, 2004
1.) In Geology; Cave bacon ~ thin calcite formation with alternating brownish and whitish colors resembling strips of bacon found inside of a cavern.

2) The vulva of the female reproductive organ.

3) ...see 'Beef Curtains'
Damn foo - I couldn't hit dat bitch - she had some nasty Cave Bacon.
by Ron Jeremy May 28, 2003
A small loud mouthed man with a very small brain. has a bad temper which could be small man syndrome, this species claims he is Yorkshire, yet loves man utd. hence he is scum.
by Ron Jeremy October 07, 2004

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