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while fingerbanging a woman, you gradually add fingers until the whole hand is inside. when the woman is about to orgasm, you ball the hand into a fist.
that girl claims to be a virgin, but i gave her the blowfish last summer.
by ron c the great February 13, 2007
a mexican hermaphrodite prostitute. it's fun for a girl or a boy.
"my cousine went to tj last weekend." "did he go to the donkey show?" "no, he bought a tijuana slinky. my cousine has always been a little weird."
by ron c the great April 07, 2010
When you are engaged in anal sex, and the female needs to take a break to defecate, you wipe your penis off with the underside of her pillow.
Man, that girl hasn't returned my calls since she found out I gave her the dirty little secret last week.
by ron c the great August 23, 2007

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