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n. gun (spanish-american)
I dropped my cuete after I shot the fool.
by romulus May 18, 2003
In Star Trek, the Transwarp Testbed cruiser commanded by Captain Sulu. Although the Transwarp project itself was a Failure, The Excelsior became one of the most widely used ships in starfleet.
The USS Excelsior was Capt. Hikaru Sulu's first command.
by Romulus December 27, 2004
Fuckin greatest show on fox since malcom in the middle thats not reality like midgets pulling an airplane. Shelly thinks that Ryan is hot. I think Marissa is hot. Well it's hot.
Shelly, N-Gav, Shannon, and Romulus all watch the OC on Fox.
by Romulus January 07, 2004
total bumbling idiot
Yo, vancleave is a friggin idiot.
by romulus April 18, 2003
Endless-Online kicks everyone other game in the ass.
EO player: Shut up, idiot.
by Romulus February 24, 2005

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