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2 definitions by rocketmania

when loving a female accomplice is out of the question, get yourself a nice ripe cantaloupe. warm it up in the microwave to desired temp. core a hole big enough for your penis then bang the hell out of it until you ejaculate, if you want chill in fridge and serve it to your friends later.Bonerpetite
i hadnt had pussy in awhile so i did the colonel the cantaloupe was warm and ripe tight fit too.
by rocketmania August 03, 2006
when your female accomplice has a sweatie ass;make sure her panties are off, get her on all fours, be at least a foot or less from her ass;spread her ass cheeks apart get ready to smell the aroma from her ass. The wafe a true ass lovers scent.
my friend came home from jogging she was all sweatie and hot she stripped naked i got her on her knees i busted her ass cheeks apart and the wafe came out from between her buns.
by rocketmania August 03, 2006