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12 definitions by rocketman

The male part of a plant like the tassle of a corn plant.
Ahhhh, I got stamen in my eye....it's everywhere.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
When a girl deep throats your weiner, gags, then barfs all over you, your dick, and everything else.
A week after the Dick Chuck I was still trying the get the stains out of the carpet and my weiner.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
When you're railing a girl in the butt then you pull it out and stick it in her mouth.
She ate his Chocolate fudgesickle.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
A legendary rat the size of a small dog that lives in the basement of the Italian restaurant Lonzeratti's.
I think my manicotti is stuffed with the Lonzerotti's Rat's poop.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
This is the stream of fluid that is projected from a vagina when she is having intense pleasure. Also known as Squirt, Love Juice, Vagina Sauce, projectile cum and intense vaginal secretion.
FuckPiss in its intended context would look like a stream of fluid flowing intensely and steadily from the vagina.
FuckPiss - Noun
In a sentence -
Wow, I was with Mary last night and when she got off, i was soaked with FuckPiss!

I was giving Kim some oral and she almost drowned me with her FuckPiss!

The only thing I love more than Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream is being hit with a stream of FuckPiss!

Holy Moly, her FuckPiss was running down my balls and onto my knees. I took a picture of the wet sheets if you don't believe me!
by RocketMan February 27, 2014