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The part of the United States that's a little more laid back, and a little slower paced, the women are a little more beautiful, and that's how we like it bro!

The West Coast consists of Washington (my home), Oregon, California, and sometimes Hawai'i and Alaska.

The West Coast is noted for high quality Marijuana that comes from either Northern California or British Columbia and a lot of people take pride in that. And it has Washington, which is the first state to legalize recreational use of Marijuana!

...and for everyone saying that the West Coast is full of fake, tan, valley girls, that's not true, there's fake people everywhere, you can't escape that. Washington and Oregon are both really nice states, a lot of culture, really cool people, and some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Cities include Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and many more cool places...

I'm sure the East Coast is nice...but I think everyone can agree that the West Coast is the Best Coast!!
NYC is cool and Miami is alright, but the West Coast will always be the best coast!!
by rockerkiddevin November 07, 2012

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