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The woman working at 7-11 who thankfully informed me of their policy that any container brought in and subsequently filled with slurpee will only cost $1.04 regardless of the size of the container brought in.
Dude, I'm takin' this 3-liter bottle to the slurpee pimptress to get what's mine!
by RoboSpy March 25, 2004
The most commonly used word in the Zombie language. See also rawr.
"Whoa, dude, is that a zombie over there?"
"Oh shit."
by RoboSpy May 24, 2004
1) Requiring absolutely no monetary compensation
2) Really damn delicious; as in free samples at Whole Foods
3) Comparative term meaning exceptionally good and generally very awesome
1) Dude, that software is so free! You can download it at gunbound.net.
2) Holy crap, these cookies are so free!
3) Jebus, the car just looks like it was free.
by RoboSpy March 12, 2004
Used to describe something that instills a sense of euphoria to anybody who eats, drinks, or otherwise has the opportunity to taste it. See also free.
Holy gods! These cookies taste just like the savior, I swear!
by RoboSpy March 24, 2004
To be completely and utterly dominated in some game or event. Also, z0red.
Jebus, i was just ownz0red by that team of awp whores.
by RoboSpy March 12, 2004
When something is done really manly and shweet, or looks as though it is fit for the use of either a pirate or pir4te. Predominantly used in a complimentary fashion, though can be used insultingly if affiliated with a sexual reference.
Dude, he z0red them all up like super pirately!
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004
See finger
Yo, that door smashed up my finga!
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004

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