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Ninj4 is a 1337 ninja.
Joel is a 1337 ninja so he is a ninj4
by Huddin May 21, 2004
A term refering to those ninjas who are elite compared to all other mortals and immortals.
"Fear them, for they are ninj4s."
by jdwig February 19, 2004
vb.) To demonstrate utter sweetness; also, to set something up real quick, i.e. to set up a computer at a LAN in under 30sec.

n.) Somebody who is utterly sweet, or who regularly ninj4's, as expressed above.
Goddamn, I though it would take forever to put back together, but Jim just ninj4'd it all back up!

Oh damn...that trenchcoat makes Rob look like a total ninj4.
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004
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