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heroic banter shared between a group of lads, curiously it must contain a 3 point jump shot at the end.
1st guy: hey look there's joe.
2nd guy: is he standing up or sitting down?
1st guy: aaar heroic trench banter there.
by robisaponyboy March 06, 2008
the art of running thruogh a crowded town jiggling your hands made even more classic if you do it at people.
fuck me gilly just did some serious stealthage on that bentley
by robisaponyboy March 07, 2008
to fuck over a huge black guy in a tackle in a rugby sevens match
toccer doesn't have the ability to sevens
by robisaponyboy March 07, 2008
to casually score a 3pointer with a flick of the wrist
shit smedders just macedonian flicked that bad boy
by robisaponyboy March 06, 2008

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