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A series of bullets on stacked vertically and used to load rifles faster than loading bullet by bullet. The clip is inserted throught the top and the slide is then pulled back.
The german K98 mauser was loaded by a clip.
by Robert December 16, 2003
Militant Muslims dedicated to imposing their Islamic world view on others through the use of force and coercion.
Osama bin Laden, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ahmed Yassin, Yasser Arafat
by Robert March 09, 2004
(verb) to gouge or poke; a bitch move often done by UK's point guard who happens to look like an African ET
This guy Rondoed me during my basketball game.

Greg want to Rondo Taylor's ass.
by Robert March 24, 2005
Dented Or Damaged Greatly Everyday
A dodge car was dented greatly.
by Robert February 15, 2005
"One of the more underplayed sociological demographics in this country is the wealthy, genteel Southerner from H-SC. Too often, we deride the South for its gun racks, or its lack of dental hygiene. But the rich boys of Hampden-Sydney? That's a thing. They crawl all over the hill for Greek Week . It's the hottest spot in the South during April. Genetically-superior babes in tight tops and short skirts roam the grass, usually on the arm of a trust-funder in his early 20s. You know these guys: Ralph Lauren polos; University of Georgia baseball caps, well-worn; and a bloodline that includes a great-grandfather who invented the paper clip, which provides for the summer mansion on Sea Island" Fortune Magazine
The article speaks for itself, HSC guy are number one when it comes to money, ladies, and class.
by Robert October 20, 2004
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