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British teen who thinks he runs the Web site, but merely just setup the forum which is mainly made up of spamming and kids bitching at each other, and doesn't bother to do a thing about it.
Zero1 gave the most prolific forum n00bs moderating powers and destroyed a great community.
by dwergs April 13, 2005
One of the disciples of dwergs, usually considered the most annoying.
Newbie: 'argh zero1 raised my warning level!'
Bob: 'i think hes on a power trip again'
by messer12 May 02, 2005
Big headed and nerdy kid who tends to piss everyone off with his ignorant comments. (troll)
Bob: Go back to your damn cage! :@
by Robert April 06, 2004
Someone destined to take over and control (Taken from the movie: The Animatrix, the city of Zero-1)
What a zero-1, this guy is boRn2pwn !@#!
by anonymous January 19, 2005
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