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a simple English salutation or closing that means absolutely nothing.
Tom: "I love your mother's new Support Our Troops ribbon on her Lexus."
Dave: "Yeah, it sure is pretty and patriotic."
Tom: "Well, I gotta go. See you later, fuck bush."
Dave:"Alright, fuck bush."
by Robert J. Blevins August 21, 2006
A mental state that a female exhibits out of reverse sexism. Because she is unaware of her sexism, she will claim to deserve supreme aristocratic rights from a partner due to her looks or her child-bearing "pain." Any brainwashed man will give her tangible things and emotional sublimity to stop her, and she will only demand more.
"Look at that lady; I'd go out with her, but she's got princess syndrome. Hookin' up with a good lookin' / intelligent guy like me would just make her condition worsen."
by Robert J. Blevins August 18, 2006
onomatopoeia) the sound a sneeze makes.
"Mel Brooks is my hero. !NIETZSCHE!"
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006
n)a sexual act performed by a male in which he uses one finger to stimulate a female's vaginal walls while licking around her clitoris. (also licking a female's freshly cleaned anus)
v)any act of vandalism performed against a racist or blasphemous male of high political power.
n) "You are a sexy man, thanks for the Robjob."
v) "I want to Robjob George W. Bush/Richard Nixon/Ronald Reagan."
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006
n) any vagina that is wet from female secretion and ready to robjob or eat like a horse drinking water.
n) "I'm going down to the pussy troff."
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006
German. all is lost.
A Dietrich Bonhoeffer poem written behind bars after he got caught trying to kill Hitler.
Did you see Washington, D.C. in 2006? The souls we're Vergangenheit.
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006
proper name) any group of Welch speaking people with the last name Blevins who give their life to stop oppression of the poor or racism.
"Talented rapper/producer Dr. Rob Job's full name is Robert Joseph Believe-ins"
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006

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