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to steal another person's moment of acknowledgment, spotlight, and attention by interrupting them as they are talking
Kanye West taking the microphone and voicing his opinions during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Bill interrupting Chris' science presentation by standing in front of him and saying, "I think your presentation is lame, and I like butterflies." (Bill busted a "Kanye")
by robbytharobot September 14, 2009
the act of using knowledge and or information against someone else in order to gain advantage in an intense situation
Bill owes Greg his phone that Greg let him borrow. Bill has avoided Greg in order to not give back Greg's phone. Greg finds Bill to confront him and ask for his phone back. Bill says "Not right now, I can't". Greg then shows Bill the title to his car he is holding in his hand. Bill then says, "Ok here is your phone." Greg engaged in powerplay.
by robbytharobot September 07, 2009
refers to a guy who kisses up to girls in front of other guys
Stacy, Bill, and Greg are having a conversation about music. Greg asks, "Stacy what do you think of Lady Gaga?". Stacy replies, "She's so original and creative! I love her!". Bill adds, "Lady Gaga is tight! She is so underrated!" Bill is a "captain save-a-ho"
by robbytharobot September 26, 2009

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