20 definitions by robbo

Slang word for a toilet.
I'm just off to the karsey for a brad pitt
by Robbo February 26, 2005
to engage in an act of self pleasure
'Look at that dirty man messing with himself.'
by robbo December 07, 2003
A woman who is on her period and in full nag mode making their man's life a complete misery.
Keep away from Blobzilla, she's got the painters in and in full misery spreading mode.
by Robbo February 26, 2005
Something mildly bad/unpleasant which has already happened, and nothing much can be done about. Usually referred to in the context of "stop crying over spilt milk".
"so you stuffed up a bit, stop cryin over spilt milk"
by robbo May 28, 2004
part of the male genitalia, as used for whacking tallies
I'm just off to the little boys room to show my tallywhacker the toilet.
by robbo December 07, 2003
To shag a bird in the arse
I'd fuck her route one if given half the chance!
by Robbo February 26, 2005
The idea that since no one owns a common are (e.g., a public park) that no one takes care of it
The rundown condition of the park was another example of the tragedy of the commons
by Robbo August 27, 2003

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