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The act of masturbating on an aeroplane, usually (and more practically) in the toilet.
Jeff: How was the flight from London to Paris?
Brian: I couldn't quite find the time to pick up a bird for a bit of mid-air hanky panky, but I did rub one out instead. It was the right thing to do.
Jeff: Nice! Nothing wrong with doing a Mile High Rub.
by rob1982 January 21, 2013
Chick admin. That regular occurrence in a relationship, inexplicable by any means, when your girlfriend's behaviour defies belief, even by other women, but especially by the boys. This behaviour is not confined to "that time of the month" only, oh no. This is ANY time of the month, anywhere and anyhow.

Remember the time when you have worked an 80 hour week and your girlfriend wants to go watch "What to Expect When You're Expecting"? You can barely open your eyes, you look drugged like a coke fiend, and then all of a sudden she cracks the shits at you and flies off in a huff to her mother. Chadmin.

And do you recall that moment when your sports team lost in the grand final and you mope around the house for a few hours, and even she tries to console you? And the next morning, she's giving you the cold shoulder? That is chadmin in its purest form.
Kev: "You coming to the footy tonight mate?"
Russell: "Sorry dude, I'm in the dogbox lately for who knows what reason. Think it might have been 'cos I didn't clean the toilet."
Kev: "Chadmin?"
Russell: "Yeah, chadmin. Bloody chadmin. Gets me every time!"
by rob1982 July 26, 2012
To have a verbal contest over progressively worse mum jokes. It usually goes around full circle before someone gets mummed-out.
Kevin: Your mum's a slapper.
Joe: Your mum is a bigger slapper!
Kevin: Your mum invented being a slapper!
Joe: Your mum wrote the slapper's handbook!
Kevin: Your mum followed every move in the handbook!
Joe: Are you challenging me to a mum-off?
Kevin: Your mum likes a challenge... etc
by rob1982 January 03, 2013
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