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4 definitions by rmtbm13

Moosic is a small borough and suburb of Scranton, Pa. There is nothing to do here. Home to the ruin wasteland that was Rocky Glen Park. Former race car driver Joe Amato lives here. We eat ice cream at Bitty Bills.
Moosic, pa is a small borough.
by rmtbm13 September 29, 2011
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When a naked woman is surrounded by like 8-12 naked guys. She then proceeds to give hj's and b's like a horny octopus.
The men climax into a sombrero (any hat will do) and the the woman puts it on her head and lets the jizz cover her body head to toe.
That chick loves a hat bukkake
by rmtbm13 November 22, 2011
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The Greatest Deli Ever! Owned and operated by a "Jewish" Ross Haberek. Home of the "Cheese of the Day". Guest will be greeted by a Jewish Rabbi and a "Shalom". Located in Down Town Scranton, Pa (Look up Scranton, Pa) near Court House Square. Please show us your patronage.
Shaba's Deli is the Greatest Deli Ever!!!
by rmtbm13 November 09, 2011
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Scranton, Pa is a city in the shit hole know as NEPA. First off its pronounced with out the "t" sound, skran-n. Home to the most messed up people in the world. No seriously did anyone reading this hear about the lady that had like 30 bags of crack up her vag plus change. No one besides Joe Biden has ever made it out of this pothole infested city. Nicknamed the "Electric City" because Scranton was the first city, ever, to use Electric Cable Cars. The hit NBC show "The Office" is said to take place here. The University of Scranton located near downtown is a fucking joke. Only good thing about Scranton is La Festa Italiano and the Greek Orthodox Church by the library's authentic Greek Food Fest. That's the pothole infested fucked up city that is Scranton.
-Scranton is pronounced skran-n there is no "t" sound.

-Scranton, Pa is full of fucking potholes that someone should really get off their lazy ass and fix.

-GUY1: Hey want to watch the Office?
-GUY2: Doesn't that take place in Scranton?
-GUY1: Yes.
by rmtbm13 September 30, 2011
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