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when you need to poo and cant take it anylonger you try to trump but instead of a trump you end up with poo prodding your underwear.
i was busting for a crap on the bus tried to squeeze a fart out but ended up with a pooprodd.

you could see my pooprodd as i waddled to the toilet.
#poo #crap #shit #dump #muckout
by rkidfromden January 28, 2010
phantom bumming is when you take a picture of a friend stood right behind someone else who is bending over although the person who is bending over shouldn't be aware of this occuring when you look at he picture it should look like your friend is making love to their bottoms.
i got an imense phantom bum at the co-op.
i dare you to phantom bum that old lady.
i hope i didn't just get phantom bummed when i picked that up.
i bet i can phantom bum your mum.
#bum #bummed #butt #phantom bummed #stealth bum
by rkidfromden January 28, 2010
a location swarming in immigrants a lot like bradford in yorkshire.
i would have thought i was in foreign country or bradimmiford.

i cant believe all these immis live in bradford i know what i'll call it bradimmiford
#bradford #yorkshire #immigrant #stinkhole #alien
by rkidfromden January 28, 2010
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