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An extremely powerful weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops, that when thrown, unleashes Samantha Maxis' blue waffle (Samantha Maxis is the daughter of the man who created the Ray Gun, and who is the little girl you hear). As zombies step into the Gersch Device, you can hear their screams of horror, even they are scared. When you step into the Gersch Device, it teleports you to somewhere random in the map, just like Samantha Maxis' blue waffle: very unpredictable.
by rkdbeats307 April 03, 2011
A town in Michigan that was invaded by Nazi Zombies led by Richard Gere but luckily five heroes stood together and defeated the horde and then preceded to teabag Richard Gere.
by rkdbeats307 April 03, 2011

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