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(n)Story about a mythologically large and generous man with flying reindeer which ones parents tell their children in order to confuse them further into a state of catholic bliss; (n)the overweight underpaid pauper who in december wears a red suit and lets little children sit on his lap in the mall; (n)a costume fat men can wear to get chicks to sit on their lap
On Christmas Eve daddy comes home in a big red suit from the mall with five dollars for everyone and then when everyone goes to bed happy mommy always moans, "Santa!" Daddy just says, "Ho Ho Ho."
by riz December 22, 2003
One who when you asked his name either flipped you off and kept walkin or said it was asshole; formally known as "that kid", "Cap", "Cappy", "Rizzo the Rat", or any derivation there of.
I would say, "burn in hell jerk off." but you know I just don't think anger is good for you, and so I casually flip you the bird and keep on trottin.
by riz January 02, 2004
(n) 1. big guy little pink dress 2. cute little thing which children think is wonderful until they find him sleeping with little johnny 3. strait guy commonly guessed gay
Stupid fuckin fairy get your skipping candy ass outa my house and don't ever play with my children like that again.
by riz December 23, 2003
(n.) 1. The process sometimes deemed an art in which a female caresses the protrusion in a man's pants with her mouth until the appropiate eruption takes place. 2. Someone who laughs all the time, ar stupid stuff, or purely lacks the common sense to be consider appropiately human.
Actually shes back there giving him a blowjob you stupid blowjob.
by riz January 02, 2004

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