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A fat pussy that produces a camel toe at a higher frequency than normal pussies.
That bitch's giant clam gives her camel toe even in sweat pants.

Nastia Lukin got a giant clam.
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
(n) A variation of broski reserved to describe bros who have achieved greatness.
Breauxpsky, I can't believe you hammered three bitches at once!
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
The richest state by per capita income in the US that contains the richest town in the US, the richest county in the US, and the richest area in the world. Better than Connecticut
That rich bro that be droppin g's must be from New Jersey.
by Righteous Fist August 17, 2008
1. a douchebag.
2. a person who looks like a giant penis.
1. Bro, you ate the last of my Cluck-U. You are such a fucking thorpedo.
2. Alec Baldwin is a thorpedo.
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
When you eat out of a Chinese bitch's pussy.
Yilin enjoyed my Chinese Take Out last night.
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
A word used by fags, douchebags, retards, and rednecks to denote "curse." Strictly an invented word that, when used, signifies that the person has a severe mental handicap.
That retard just said cuss. What a douche.
by Righteous Fist August 16, 2008
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