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1 definition by rickyritchie1987

A beautiful little village situated on the outskirts of Canterbury, blighted by the existance of moriarty1991 who wrote the original definition. Clearly an egotistical middle class brat who has had their anus wiped for them since they were born and is living in a twisted reality. For someone so articulately barbed you lack logic and compassion.
The School is a fantastic learning environment for children with parents unable to afford private school fees and many will progress to A level education onwards.
Your assault on the hyde housing residents is disgraceful and highlights the immense ignorance you posess to assume that people who aren't financially stable have a poor excuse for being so. I think you need to realise not everyone has the same upbringing or opportunities in life and to judge so easily is ill thought out. You need to account for variables and not be so narrow minded.
In a nutshell, you need to pull your toffee nose out of your poo ring.
Chartham is a quaint village surrounded by awe-inspiring countryside and anyone who fails to apreciate the fruits it has to offer needs to seriously consider the value of their existance.
Chartham is a firm supporter of Asian Retail Enrichment
reg. charity 88732556
by rickyritchie1987 May 04, 2011
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