1 definition by richismyname

A great phone that when you use, doesn't leave smudge marks although people that can't afford one or have something against apple make it out to be a piece of shit.
The internet is not slow for a mobil phone
Like people don't get bored of other phones? you idiots act liek it's special to want a new phone
Its the shit
1. Dude you got the iphone
2 .Yea
1. Yo, why would you waste $400, it's a piece of crap
2. Yea?
1. I would get bored of it in like 3 weeks and its so slow and leaves finger prints and it's a waste of money
2. Yea?
1. No, actually im speaking out of my ass because I just can't afford one because im a bum, and i'm jealous. I...Bleep people on my Nextel..i know its gay
2. Yea. Thought so
by richismyname January 02, 2008

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