135 definitions by richard

The yearly anniversary of someones web-log (blog)
I celebrated my second blogiversary today
by Richard January 12, 2005
the true defination referrs to a bag in which contains vaginal discharge
The girl gushed her vaginal discharge into a douchbag...
by Richard July 10, 2003
A person who complains about problems, but has yet to experience any. "Suburban anarchists who never broke the law, sing about political pressure, but have never met John Law."---Dropkick Murphys
"That rich boy is such a suburban anarchist."
by Richard December 28, 2003
when the area between your balls and your ass gets a sweaty and forms "soda"
fuck, it's hot out...theres coda soda leaking through my pants.
by richard November 02, 2003
the slang way to spell "skate"
"yeah man, yesterday i "sk8ed" all day long."
by richard June 17, 2003
A bottom sea fish which looks like a man's penis
by Richard August 25, 2003
A ninja or martial arts trained citizen who usually preforms assasinations on the anus of other men or women for money.
he hired him for an ass assasination
his ass was cut by an ass assasin
jason wheeler is a fagtoast
by Richard October 04, 2003
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