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When you are doing a chick doggy style, and you REST your left hand on her lower back, and place your right hand on her right hip, to GUIDE her during the thrusting.
Steve was plowing her in Restage and Guidage mode.
by Richalex May 01, 2006
Also known as "H2M"

When something or someone is so homosexual, it/they are homosexual to the max. Used with hand symbols, forming an H, two fingers, followed by a "M" shape.
Richard: MAN! All-nigthers are Homosexual to the MAX!
by Richalex April 30, 2006
When you are plowing a chick, and your fallic stick is so long, that you basically have to run towards her to penetrate in, and run backwards to retrieve your fallic stick, and repeat, so the plowing is like a marathon.
Dude, I was so long that I had to engage in marathon plowing.
by Richalex May 01, 2006

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