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Referring to Homosexuals
Announcer: "On the left of the ship, you can see a bunch of homosexuals. A la isquierda del barco pueden ver unos, 'fannybandits'". --Family Guy
by Richalex April 30, 2006
A word referring to large, milk producing breasts.
That girl at 7 Eleven totally had two giant milk factories.
by Richalex April 30, 2006
1. Used as a term for intimidation.

2. A phrase directed toward a female, as a pick up line.
Alex: After I dunked on him, I twiddled my fingers and said, "Come get a taste!"

Dan: I saw this girl in the store, and I looked at her and said "Come get a taste!"
by Richalex April 30, 2006
Reffering to a guy who's been "plowing" a female.
"Call me Farmer John, guys, cause i've been plowing all day"
by Richalex May 01, 2006
Spanish way of saying "Who's your daddy?"
Que es mi nombre bitch...Quien es su padre?
by Richalex May 01, 2006
When you are doing a girl from behind, and you place your foot on a nearby coffee table or other raised surface for better leverage during the mounting.
I started to slip during my mountage, so I had to commence a leverage mount job.
by Richalex May 01, 2006
When you have a big poop, and it lands sideways in the toilet, so it suspends the water like a bridge, spanning from one side of the bowl to the other. Upon flushing, the water will just sink beneath it, going down the pipe, and fill beneath the newly constructed "bridge". (The only way to flush a "suspension bridge" is to chop it up with a plunger).
"Man, I haven't taken a dump in 4 days. I totally just took one and made a giant suspension bridge."
by Richalex May 01, 2006
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