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3 definitions by riced00d

A much more efficient way of saying the word "shit". Mainly used to represent anger, ignorance, blindness, and nothingness.
chris: "that's an accord."
bryan: "no, it's a civic."
chris: "well, this one's an accord."
bryan: "that's the same one!"
chris: "SHETTTTTTT!"
by riced00d March 12, 2003
59 31
The process of doing something in a wrong manner. proved you wrong kim, you loser.
"Kim is learnding wrongly through Webster's."
by riced00d March 12, 2003
7 9
A term used to replace any noun. i.e. binder paper.
Mr. Mendoza: "Okay class, i want everyone to take out your spanks."
by riced00d March 15, 2003
25 115