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27 definitions by ricardovitz

Place where fat people can live without worrying about being ridiculed for being morbidly fat.

Also a place where normal weight people would like to see fat people bannished to.
OMG!! Is that Suzie in a bikini? This is the beach, not Fatopia!

Look at Fred stuffing his pie hole with Little Debbies - he must be bucking for that one way ticket to Fatopia.

THIS IS AN AIRPLANE, DAMNIT!!!!! NOT FATOPIA, now get your rolling fat back in your own seat!!!
by Ricardovitz June 08, 2009
447 49
Velvety smooth. Plush new carpet soft. The sound that bare feet make when walking on brand new expensive plush carpeting. The sound and feel of super soft high dollar leather used on custom automobile interiors, when you gently run your hand over it.
Jo-Jo, that got to be the sickest 300 out right now....Strut grill..soft white leather seats go flirpity flirp, this guys got some coin....

Hey, baby, feel my new rug....goes flirpity flirp when my bare feed glide over it.

Now you know that's some good leather on that couch - I can just hear it going "flirpity flirp" while I'm banging Suzie on it.
by Ricardovitz July 07, 2009
442 47
This is what happens to a girl who posts naked or sleazy pictures of herself on the internet. Origin: Think Before You Post advertisment produced by the Ad Council.

Alt. when someone makes a face-to-face comment to someone who has dirty pictures of herself posted on the internet.
Yo, did you get texed with Jimmy's X-girl's hot pix? He totally Sarahed her.

"Hey, Sarah, what color underware today?"

"Hey, Sarah, when are you going to post something new?"

Hey, Julie, did you see someone posted a picture of you doing nasty things on Jeff's blog - you're so sarahed!
by Ricardovitz July 07, 2009
419 35
Communist / Socialist measure of temperature. Combination of Celcius and Centegrade. Texas American slang for foreign temeprature measurement. The "Commie" way to measure temperature. .
English boy: "Mummy, Mummy, it's soooo hot here in Texas, it must be 30 degrees out and I think I am going to die.

Texas Man: "Shut yer trap, boy, we dern't use that thar commie Celtigrade 'round here it's only 90 degrees out and you ain't gonna die, ya little pissant.
by Ricardovitz August 21, 2009
416 38
African American pronounciation of the proper name "Kevin".

Also, African American pronunciation of the numeral "seven"
Yo, Chebin, don't be flashin that bling-bang pimpgun around.

Chebin's my lucky digits, bro.
by Ricardovitz May 28, 2009
434 56
Drag racer, more particularly motorcycle street racer who races from streetlight to streetlight. Also called "T-hopper". Usually refers to a novice street-bike racer.

v. T-hopping - the act of throttle hopping.

Related: T-hop - gathering of street racers for the purpose of street drag racing.
Hey man, I just got texted that the boyz is gonna do some T-hopping over on SR 26 - 3:15 a.m.

Johnny thinks he's a balls-out drag racer, but he's only a late night throttle hopper at best.

Jeff reading text message: "T-hop 12^, SR12 Pig-2- McD's. {Race starts at 12-up, i.e. 12 midnight on State Road 12 from the Piggly Wiggly to McDonalds.}
by Ricardovitz June 19, 2009
416 45
Street pronunciation and/or spelling of "bullet".

Plural: Boolitz, or sometimes Boolits, meaning Ammunition.
Freddy: Hey, yo - you got some boolitz fo my Deagle Fity?

Gun Store Clerk: Get lost, punk, I don't sell ammunition to gangsters!

Yo, Jo-Jo, I got me a tin of boolitz for my JJ (Jiminez .22) - how 'bout we makin some bling bang.

Man, all them whitey-nazies be buying up all the boolitz - even Wally (Walmart) ain't got none!

Leroy, you clean, so how about you go to the Army Navy and get Franklin hear to get us some mo boollits.
by Ricardovitz July 14, 2009
403 37