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Cartoon depiction of the Muslim Prophet, Mohammed. Tends to get Muslims in a blood-thirsty frenzy against the cartoonist who drew the funny pictures of Mohammed.
Hey, Sven, why'd you go and make a Mohammadoon showing Mohammed's head on a goat's body? You know those crazy Muslims are gonna go Jihad on your ass!

Today, Sweeden passed legislation prohibiting the publishing of Mohammedoons, but they can't stop Americans from publishing them.

I think Mohammedoons are outrageously funny, but they sure get our taxi dispatcher, Abda Hamed, screaming like a mad man in Arabic when he sees them.
by Ricardovitz March 22, 2010
Black person with a sprinkling of white in them. KKK slang for Nigger. Octaroon or Quadroon.
Big Jimmy: Hey, Cletus, is you voten fer a Republican next election?

Cletus: I reckon if we want that supreme Mud Monkey, Obama, put back in his cage where he belongs, then voting Republican is my best bet, ain't it. Rather be voteing fer Dirk Heintz of the Constitutional Party, though.
by Ricardovitz March 28, 2011
Feral dog. A dog that is not of any particular breed. Not just a mutt or a mixed breed - beyond that. What you get when pure breed dogs are left in the wild to reproduce - after several generations, all the mixed breed dogs look the same: stocky, tan/brown, stocky curled tail. They're called "nigger dogs" because niggers couldn't afford dogs with papers - they took in stray feral dogs.
Harold: I hate riding through the ghetto, nigger dogs just wondering around in the street with no collars and you know they haven't had their shots.

Buffy: Oh, Harold, what do you think that nigger dog by that shack would do to our Fifi?

Harold: Buffy, you don't want to know - he'd be all over Fifi like white on rice.

Buffy: That's disgusting! What would their puppies look like?

Harold: Well, the first batch would look like half-breeds, but after those half-breed nigger dogs get to fornicating, they will all end up looking just like that nigger dog over there. Now I'm going to have to have a few gin & tonics to get that ugly picture of a nigger dog raping Fifi out of my head. Just plain awful!
by Ricardovitz March 13, 2012
Word or Phrase that is so profane, racist, or graphic that even Urban Dictionary refuses to publish it. Something that overly offends an Urban Dictionary editor, which is hard to do.
Yo, Shaniqwa, you think Urban Dictionary 'll publish this here word: nigezbopussyooze?

No, Kuzabia, that ugly word gonna get Urban Dejected, you know how those people is.
by Ricardovitz March 13, 2012
The 49% of Americans that support Barack Obama regardless of Obama's outrageous lies, his arrogance, and shear stupidity, because Obama promises them legalized pot, welfare (now termed "Disability), free healthcare, free cell phones, and free kiddie-care for knocked-up sluts. The Dummy Nation would vote for a guy like Obama even if that person was a child rapist and mass murderer, so long as they continue to get easy access to dope and free stuff.
Bertha: I luv Obama - he da best. He be gettin me free stuff, like TV, phone, 'n free money for my retarded chillin cuz my crack-pimp got me big with babies when I was 10, 11 'n twelf - they born retarded.
Rush Limbaugh: So, Bertha, then you are part of the Dummy Nation that would praise Obama no matter what he did, right?
Bertha: Who you callin Dummy, Rush - if someone give you free stuff, is you a Dummy? That racist, Rush.
Rush Limbaugh: No, Bertha, I'm not calling you a Dummy, just that you are now officially a member of the Dummy Nation - the doped up blind supporters of Barack Obama who are easy to bribe with free stuff.
Bertha: Who you callin blind, Rush - I ain't blind. I is Disabled jest so's I can get free Disability. I is gladly part of the Dummy Nation, if that means I get more free stuff, Rush - do dat make me a dummy?
by Ricardovitz April 22, 2013
Adj. Describes the state of being in love with guns in general, or in love with a particular firearm.
That boy's all gun giggity over that Gold Deagle he saw at the gunshow.

Did you see the new Kriss 45 Carbine - man, I'm all gun giggity over that fine piece!!
by Ricardovitz June 08, 2009

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