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3 definitions by rhmcanes

an annoying period of time you have no choice but to deal with.
If you tell me to have patience one more time I'm going to scream!
by rhmcanes September 27, 2011
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Take It To The Face Hoe
Sheldon S: T.I.T.T.F.H.
Kimberly N: WTF is T.I.T.T.F.H.?
Rob M: urban dictionary . com/define . php?term=T.I.T.T.F.H.
Rob M: DUH!
Sheldon S: Take It To The Face Hoe
by rhmcanes March 30, 2011
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A common misspelling of the word winter.
Facebook thread:

Amie H. M.: Oh wow, I do NOT miss those f**kin potholes. Or the wimter, or the traffic, or the slow drivers......you get the point :)

Amie H. M.: ‎*Winter, I don't know wtf a wimter is lol
by rhmcanes May 09, 2011
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