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To be violently hit or struck with a deckchair.
"Here you! you're gettin deckchaired"
"I would have been alright if I didn't get deckchaired"
"Ahhhhhh Fackkkk...just got deckchaired"
"You wantin deckchaired?...well en"
by rfcjuni0r February 02, 2009
1)Threatening term normally said when meeting an undesireable. Often used between "young teams" in Scotland.
You know (name)
1) You know Gactur? Drives a polis motor naw even a polis.
2) You know Danny Mcann? Got banned fae eh annex, dusny even care, up er eh noo.
3) You know Wee Lennon? Does keepy ups wi' dugs heeds?
by rfcjuni0r February 02, 2009
Mahoneage (n)

1)Noun form of the verb Mahoned.
2)Used in an instance when someone has been Mahoned (hurt/made a fool of/embarrased/proved wrong)
*someone is struck with an item/proved wrong in an argument*
i)Spectator "Aww you got mahoned!"
ii)Victim "Yeah that was mahoneage"
by rfcjuni0r February 03, 2009
Popular term used when someone has been embarrased/made a fool of/proved wrong or hurt. Same connotations as the popular phrase "owned".

The phrase was created after Alexander Mahone, the fictional character portrayed by William Fitchner in the popular American Television series Prison Break.
1) You just got Mahoned.
2) I've been Mahoned.
3) i)Awww man, just lost my green'
by rfcjuni0r February 03, 2009
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