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3 definitions by reubendaley

The right or "slow" lane of a road having two or more lanes of travel in the same direction. Drivers who retreat to the text lane to send and receive texts and email can often be seen hugging the solid white line, drifting into the adjacent lane or onto the shoulder then swerving back into the text lane and traveling much slower than the rest of traffic.
First guy: "Dude. What took you guys so long to get here?"

Second guy: "Jeff was having a text fight with Trudy about what she did on her girls' night out so he was driving the whole way over in the text lane."
by reubendaley December 12, 2011
A psychological game played by men in which each tries, figuratively, to prove that he's got the bigger dick. In their minds, each of them is flopping their junk on the table and saying "check it out, tiny man".
Neither Greg or his son Harrison would call the other. They were too busy playing Dicks Out and so neither of them got to go dirtbike riding.
by reubendaley September 05, 2010
When a texting driver looks up from their phone and realizes they’re drifting into the next lane and rather than doing a text swerve back into their own lane they continue into the next lane as though they meant to change lanes the whole time. The maneuver is intended to hide the fact that the self-absorbed idiot is looking at their smart phone instead of the road.
Driver: "Hey, jerkface. Thanks for cutting me off."

Passenger: "Relax, dude, he didn't mean to. It was a lane textchange."
by reubendaley May 02, 2013