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La ROchefoucauld-Liancourt and not La Rouchefoucould-Liancourt as morgan writes!
Great French family with a wonderful name dating back from the umpteenth century; illustrated by the said Duke and by another one who was a moralist in the reign of Louis XIV.
We had dinner with the Rochefoucauld-Liancourt yesterday; as usual the Duke complained it was so difficuly to find good maidservants nowadays!
by remy1789 December 28, 2004
Bourgeois Bohême, in French.
Yuppies or dinks who live as is they weren't, love to differentiate themselves by visiting foreign countries before the herd of ordinary tourists flock after them (Croatia a few years ago, now the Baltic states), eat alternative/fair trade/organic food such as "bio fair trade Miso soup". They tend to live in mixed neighbourhoods to be near the poor, but they send their children to private schools to avoid too close a contact with the natives and they price all the poor out of the neighbourhoods they gentrify. Of course they concentrate in some parts of Paris and never could live in "la province". They often vote for the Communists or the Greens but take the fullest advantage of the tax gifts offered by right-wing governments.
Le "no logo", c'est tellement bobo!
by remy1789 December 28, 2004

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