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A Bulgarian breakcore/ragga-jungle/*core formation (group?!), organising parties and throwing gigs around the country. Members are brokoli, amenizum and Y370
Anyway, in 2005 i joined in Remurder crew and started to play with them till today... p.s. is there anybody who loves to write a bio????
by remurderer May 26, 2006
He is the one bulgarian ragga-junglist. Part of the REMURDER crew. Began making some music in 1999 using Acid. He hated mp3's. Anyway... HE ROCKS ! ! !
- OH MY GOSH!!! What was that? Who's playing now?
- Y370.
by remurderer May 26, 2006
In a way - stupid person. BUT in other way - a genius with brillant ideas for overwhelming the world by conspirative music with secret messages. Also a good supporter of the REMURDER crew.
That flatfaced guy is such a moron. I hate him. Actually I pretend not talking to him.
by remurderer May 26, 2006
He' s the evil-est, sickest downloader and sister-fucker in eastern Europe. Also a member of the REMURDER. Big and mighty breakcore dj and producer, inspired of people's pain and hate, tramways and nature at all...
Brokoli, can u give me a cigarette, my man?!
by remurderer May 26, 2006

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